PTSP Service Outlet at Ujung Menteng PKB Opened

Rabu, 16 Januari 2019 16:50 Nurito 694

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East Jakarta One-Stop Integrated Service (PTSP) is opening service outlets every Tuesday and Thursday at the office of the Ujung Menteng Motor Vehicle Testing Service Unit (PKB). 

This synergy is to improve the quality of public service

"This service that has operated since January is serving 20 people per day. Most propose changing vehicle number plates from yellow to black," said Ujung Menteng PKB Management Unit PTSP Staff, Ferdiansyah Hadiawan, Tuesday (1/15).

Besides that, there are also other services provided such as, domicile permit, small micro business permit, trade permit (SIUP), registration certificates (TDP), building permit (IMB), practice permit (SIP) for doctor, tomb renewal permit, so forth.

Ujung Menteng Management Unit Administration Sub-division Head, Tiyana Brotoadi uttered, for socialization, three banners were installed and spread 100 pamphlets. 

"Cooperation with PTSP has been ongoing since 2018. And this outlet has run for two weeks," he expressed.

Surely it is very helpful for the citizens.

"This synergy is to improve the quality of public service," he stated.