Children of Penjaringan Fire Victims Need School Uniforms

Senin, 04 Agustus 2014 19:00 Budhi Firmansyah Surapati Rini Elvira 1951

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Great fire that burned 28 houses in RT 05 and RT 10, RW 08, Penjaringan Urban Village, Penjaringan Sub-District, North Jakarta, Saturday (8/2), took casualty. It is Dany Santoso (36), a resident of RT 09/08, who died when trying to extinguish the fire. He was allegedly fell into a house that was on fire. His body was found after the fire was finally extinguished, in scorched condition.

Nothing I could save. Tomorrow, my children are going to school but their school uniforms and stationery were burned

In addition, two residents also suffered injuries. They are Siswanto (45), RT 09/08 resident who got his left hand broken, and Nurdin (39), RT 05/08 resident who suffers broken right rib due to fell when trying to putting out the flames.

Based on observations, hundreds of fire victims now live in refugee tents that were built on Jalan Pluit Dalam RT 04/08 and in Almutadiin Madrasah (Islamic school) at RT 10/08. Among them, there are 41 children who are students of elementary school (SD) until senior high school (SMA) who are in need for school uniforms, books, and stationery that were burned in the fire.

Mas’ud (32), one of fire victims, admitted that the school uniforms and stationery of his two children were burned in the fire. He could not save those equipments because when the fire happened he was just arrived from homecoming trip to Pemalang, Central Java.

“I was just arrived for 15 minutes when the fire happened. Nothing I could save. Tomorrow, my children are going to school but their school uniforms and stationery were burned,” he said, Sunday (8/3).

Besides school uniforms for the children, the fire victims also need clean water for drinks.

“And they need blankets and mattresses as well,” informed Disaster Handling and Refugee Post Coordinator, Mugiyono.

Meanwhile, Head of North Jakarta Social Sub-Department, Ika Lestari Adji, informed that her department will distribute aid for three days. But if still needed, the urban village party can propose for extension to seven days ahead.

“We prepare food for the fire victims twice a day. For school uniforms and stationery, we’re working on it,” she stated.