Implementing Odd-Even System, Vehicle Speed Increases 40 Percent

Kamis, 09 Agustus 2018 15:56 Oki Akbar 542

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After implementing expansion on odd-even policy, it is recorded that vehicle speed in several Jakarta roads is increased by 40 percent.

There is an increase in average vehicle speeds by 30-40 percent

"After implementing odd-even policy expansion for more than a week, there is an increase in average vehicle speeds by 30-40 percent," stated Andri Yansyah, Jakarta Transportation Dept. (Dishub) Head, Thursday (8/9).

According to him, increase in vehicle speed is automatically reduce travel time. Currently, travel time becomes 25-30 percent faster than before.

Before odd-even system was implemented, he continued, vehicle travel time reached 15-30 kilometers per hour. Not only vehicle travel time is increased, but number of Transjakarta bus passenger is also increased.

"Transjakarta passenger number is increased by 9 percent after City implements expansion on odd-even policy," he conveyed.