Gulkarmat Extinguishes Fire in Krendang

Senin, 23 Juli 2018 15:33 Folmer 522

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West Jakarta Fire Handling and Rescue (Gulkarmat) Sub-dept. personnel successfully extinguished fire that burns tens houses at RT 05 and 06 of RW 02, Krendang Urban Village, Tambora, Monday (7/23).

We deploy 22 fire trucks to the location

West Jakarta Gulkarmat Sub-dept. Operation Section Head, Rompis Romlih mentioned, his side deploys 22 fire trucks to the location after received report from local residents around 09.50 AM.

"We deploy 22 fire trucks to the location. Fire can be handled around 20 minutes by our team. There is no victim in this incident," he informed.

Krendang Urban Village Head, Andre Ravnic mentioned, his side also deploys 40 PPSU personnel to assist Gulkarmat personnel in extinguishing the fire.

"Total around 20 houses are on fire. Allegedly, fire happens due to short circuit from one of rented houses," he stated.