Matraman RSUD Launches Four New Service Programs

Jumat, 29 Juni 2018 13:38 Nurito Maria Inggita 1003

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Matraman Public Hospital (RSUD) in East Jakarta launches four new programs in its 2nd Anniversary on Thursday (6/28). This service is provided to ease people in getting health services in Matraman RSUD.

We launch all of these four programs at once to improve its service quality to residents

Matraman RSUD Director, Opy Dyah Paramitha explained those four new programs are clinical reminder system (CRS) which is an application system that informs about doctor's treatment, therapy, and support medical examinations needed for patients diagnosis. Especially patients who have diabetes mellitus and dengue fever.

"We hope this system can support our services and hospital financing to be more qualified, efficient, and effective based on latest medical science. All diagnosis will also use this CRS app," she mentioned

Moreover, her side also provided Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis (TB RO) as the form of hospital's participation to handle TB case.

Recently, Matraman RSUD is also equipped with self-registration machine to facilitate patients in registration. Because this machine can help patient who wants to register, check doctor's schedule, check available beds and rooms real time, and it also can input patient's complaint.

Then the last program is Population Service Integrated System 3-in-1 (Sidukun). Every baby born in Matraman RSUD will get birth reference from hospital, ID number (NIK), birth certificate, Family Card, Children ID, and BPJS Kesehatan ID.

"We launch all of these four programs at once to improve its service quality to residents. This program is also an effective and efficient innovation in Jaminan Kesehatan Nasional (JKN) program period," she added.

Meanwhile Jakarta Health Dept. Head, Koesmedi Priharto added, RSUD and puskesmas should make new innovation since JKN program is enacted. Because recently not only sick people who come to hospital, but also healthy people who come for consultation, checking, and prevention thus not become ill.

"Recently, hospital and puskesmas are not only serving sick people, but also healthy people. They come usually to check their health thus not become ill. Thus new innovations are needed in RSUD and puskesmas," he stated.