One Thousand Trees Planted on Lenteng Agung Ciliwung Riverbank

Rabu, 06 Juni 2018 11:07 Erna Martiyanti Maria Inggita 779

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Jakarta Provincial Government together with PT. PLN plant 1,000 trees at Kampung Iklim, Lenteng Agung, Jagakarsa, South Jakarta.

All trees are planted on Ciliwung Riverbank

Tree planting is done to commemorate World Environment Day in Jakarta.

Jakarta Environment (LH) Dept Head, Isnawa Adji said, thousand trees were planted on Ciliwung Riverbank. His side appreciates PT. PLN who cares about environment.

"All trees are planted on Ciliwung Riverbank. It is done to support greening program at Kampung Iklim RW 09 Lenteng Agung," he informed on the location, Tuesday (6/5).

According to him, Kampung Iklim has been proposed and approved to be tourist attraction in Asian Games. Various environment programs have also been done in RW 09. Such as waste water treatment plant (IPAL) and waste recycle.

"I also convey my gratitude to residents who make RW 09 into Kampung Iklim," he stated.

He mentioned, two locations have been designated as Kampung Iklim in Jakarta. Those are at RW 09 Lenteng Agung and East Jakarta. This event is hoped to make Ciliwung Riverbank become more beautiful.

On the same location, PLN Puslitbang General Manager, E. Haryadi said he wants to participate in preserving nature. This tree planting is done simultaneously in all Indonesia.

"We will plant 32 thousand trees throughout Indonesia. One of the locations is at Lenteng Agung Urban Village that has been planted with 1,000 trees," he explained.