E. Jakarta Adds Six PKB and BBNKB Service Outlets

Jumat, 11 Mei 2018 16:30 Nurito 911

(Foto: Nurito - Beritajakarta.id)

East Jakarta Vehicle Tax (PKB) and Vehicle-Ownership Transfer Fees (BBNKB) Unit plans to open six service outlets in order to collect more revenue on PKB and BBNKB.

We are still preparing to add more six service outlets

Acting East Jakarta PKB and BBNKB Service Unit Head, Wigat Prasetyo said, those six additional outlets are really needed to collect more tax revenue. Currently his side only has four outlets in the area.

"We are still preparing to add more six service outlets. Now we have four outlets and we hope those six outlets will boost up our tax revenue," he mentioned, Friday (5/11).

According to him, additional service outlets are prepared in Cakung Sub-district and Kramat Jati Sub-district. Then for Samsat mobile service outlets are in Pondok Kelapa Urban Village and Ujung Menteng Urban Village. While two others are drive thru service outlets in AEON Cakung and Kampung Artis, Cipayung.

"Now we are still coordinating and preparing it. We target it to operate in October," he stated.

Meanwhile, current four service outlets have been operated as mobile samsat at Tamini Square, Grand Cakung, and Kramat Jati Central Market. While the other one is Samsat service at Pulogadung Sub-district.

East Jakarta PKB and BBNKB Unit's Administration Head, Iwan Syaefudin added, his side targets to earn Rp 1.652 trillion from vehicle tax in 2018.

Then for BBNKB, he targets to earn Rp 1.231 trillion from BBNKB. His side hopes six additional outlets will boost up the tax revenue.

"Until April, PKB realization reaches 30.34 percent. While BBNKB realization is 29,35 percent," he affirmed.