Governor Submits Jakarta Elderly Card

Selasa, 08 Mei 2018 19:40 Mustaqim Amna 986

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Those who get this card will get aid Rp 600 thousand per month

Jakarta Governor, Anies Baswedan, symbolically submits Jakarta Elderly Card (KLJ) at Tanah Tinggi RPTRA, Tanah Tinggi Urban Village, Johar Baru, Central Jakarta.

In that chance, Anies asked the administrators to serve elderly professionally and treat them well.

"Those who get this card will get aid Rp 600 thousand per month," he stated, Tuesday (5/8).

He affirmed, KLJ cardholder is elderly with age above 60 years, Jakarta residents, and don't have fixed income or unable to fulfill their needs.

"We distribute KLJ gradually thus this case can be solved as soon as possible," he expressed.

Jakarta Social Dept. Head, Masrokhan added, his side will distribute 14,520 KLJs this year.

"For first phase, we will distribute 12,141 KLJs, and its remaining will be distributed at least before Eid ul Fitr," he said.

Meanwhile, PT. Bank DKI Director, Kresno Sediarsi mentioned, his side will serve elderly who want to withdraw the funds.

"We also have ATM machines in almost all urban village and sub-district offices," he stated.