12 JPOs Along Sudirman-Thamrin will Be Revitalized

Reporter : Erna Martiyanti | Editor : Maria Inggita | April 27th, 2018 01:15 PM 13:15 WIB | Dibaca 858 kali
12 JPOs Along Sudirman-Thamrin will Be Revitalized (Foto : Erna Martiyanti / Beritajakarta.id)

Jakarta Provincial Government will revitalize 12 pedestrian bridges (JPO) along Jalan Sudirman and Jalan MH Thamrin.

" We plan to revitalize 12 JPOs"

Later on, these JPO will be repaired and beautified with Asian Games theme.

Jakarta Vice Governor, Sandiaga Uno said, JPO will be revitalized by Jakarta Bina Marga Dept. soon. It needs to be repaired first because existing JPOs are damaged.

"We plan to revitalize 12 JPOs. We want it to be iconic and bright referred to Asian Games theme," he stated at City Hall, Thursday (4/26).

He conveyed, those JPOs will be also made using energy saving concept with enough lighting system.

"It is started from Ratu Plaza to Bank Indonesia. JPO will be made much more modern," he added.

For information, 12 JPOs that will be repaired are Ratu Plaza JPO, Gelora Bung Karno JPO, Polda Metro Jaya JPO, Bendungan Hilir JPO, Karet-Sudirman JPO, Bumi Putra JPO, Dukuh Atas JPO, Tosari JPO, Bundaran HI JPO, Sarinah JPO, Sari Pan Pasific JPO, and Bank Indonesia JPO.