Land Subsidence, 157 Puddles Found in N. Jakarta

Minggu, 13 Juli 2014 15:51 Budhi Firmansyah Surapati Nugroho Adibrata 2217
Dampak penurunan muka tanah di Jakarta Utara yang mencapai 15 sentimeter pertahun masih menjadi p
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The puddle still leaves 90 points. We'll repair them as soon as possible prior to rainy season

Heavy rain that poured some points in North Jakarta, has left 157 puddles. These puddles are caused by land subsidence as deep as 15 cm and some drains malfunctioned due to narrowing and covered by citizen buildings.

Based on the data of North Jakarta Water Management Public Works Sub-Department, such puddles as high as between 10-50 cm are detected in 6 sub-districts. Until the middle of this year, 67 puddles have been patched.

Those 67 puddles that have been fixed are Jalan Kapuk Raya, Kampung Gusti, Muara Baru and Luar Batang, Penjaringan. Another repair was also conducted at several areas, such as Jalan Ampera 1-Jalan Ampera 7, Jalan Gunung Sahari, Jalan Lodan Raya and Jalan Hidup Baru in Pademangan Sub-District.

Furthermore, they are also on Jalan Boulevard Barat, Pegangsaan Dua, Jalan Haji Oyar (Kelapa Gading) and Jalan Kampung Beting, Jalan Pepaya, Jalan Dewa Kembar, Jalan Marunda Baru, Jalan Komp Dewa Ruci in Cilincing Sub-District. 

While in Tanjung Priok Sub-District, repair also conducted on Jalan Bugis, Jalan Enggano, Jalan Swasembada Timur 11, Jalan Usaha, Jalan RE Martadinata on north side and Jalan Gotong Royong. Last is Jalan Mahoni, Jalan Lontar, Jalan Dukuh, Jalan Cikijang, Jalan Mantang, Jalan Maja located in Koja Sub-District.

Head of Water Resources Maintenance Section for North Jakarta Water Management Public Works, Kuryatna Atmadja admitted until now, his sub-department keeps speeding up the repair process through normalization and drain repairs around puddles.

"All this time, we focus on Koja area which is an area prone to puddle. Of the 37 points, 31 out of them have been repaired," he expressed, Sunday (7/13).

He disclosed that the the repair process takes a long time because about 60 percent of the micro drains and connecting drains closed and narrowed by buildings. Thus, officers cannot use heavy equipment to conduct normalization.

"The puddle still leaves 90 points. We'll repair them as soon as possible prior to rainy season," he asserted.

Besides repairing drains, he continued, as many as 5 water pump houses would be built to reach the puddle-prone areas in North Jakarta. They will be built in Kamalmuara, Karang River, Muara Kali Angke, Marina Ancol, and Muara Kali Sentiong, Sunter. Hopefully, it can minimize puddle in future.