Collapsed Road on Jl. Kesatrian X Kebon Cimanggis Repaired

Kamis, 15 Februari 2018 16:36 Nurito 828

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Joint personnel repaired collapsed road on Jl. Kesatrian X, RT 12/03, Kebon Manggis, Matraman, East Jakarta, Thursday (2/15). For the first phase, gabion wall will be installed along 100 meters of Ciliwung River.

We start this work today, together with residents and related units

From observation on the field, around 50 joint personnel were deployed from Kebon Manggis Urban Village PPSU, Bina Marga Sub-dept.'s PHL, Water Resources (SDA) Sub-dept.'s PHL, and Ciliwung-Cisadane Flood Control Office (BBWSCC).

Personnel installed gabion wall from the bottom of Ciliwung River. River stones with size 2x1x1 meter each were neatly arranged inside gabion. Some personnel dismantled the sloping embankment. A heavy equipment was deployed to flatten debris from collapsed retaining wall.

East Jakarta Water Resources Sub-dept. Head, Mustajab said, his side put river stones into gabion for early handling. 20 SDA Sub-dept's PHL are also deployed to assist PPSU and Bina Marga PHL.

"We start this work today, together with residents and related units," he mentioned.

BBWSCC Head, Jarot Widyoko added, 100 gabions have been prepared. After all gabions are installed, then East Jakarta Bina Marga Sub-dept. will continue to repair the road.

"We accelerate gabion installation. With help from Jakarta Government apparatuses, residents, and TNI will help this work to complete faster," he expressed.