Post-Fire, Bahari Museum Guarded Tightly

Rabu, 17 Januari 2018 12:50 Nurito 608

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We have sent 50 officers to the location

In aftermath of fire incident that hit Bahari Museum, Jalan Pasar Ikan, Penjaringan, North Jakarta yesterday, the officer began to guard on site today. 

North Jakarta Mayor, Husein Murad disclosed it is an attempt to keep collectible objects from being lost or stolen.

It is done by joint officers who are consisting of Satpol PP, internal security officer, as well as army and police.

"We have sent 50 officers to the location," he expressed, Tuesday (1/16).

It has been ongoing since today up to three days ahead.

Bahari Museum Head, Husnison Nizar added, his side will also inventory buildings and collections broken by fire.

"After this, we will do building repair and broken collection," he stated.