Pancoran Flyover Reduces Traffic Jam for 60 Percent

Selasa, 16 Januari 2018 10:50 Erna Martiyanti 407

(Foto: TP Moan Simanjuntak -

Jakarta Transportation Dept. (Dishub) has noted, Pancoran Flyover trial is effectively reduce traffic jam on existing road for 60 percent. This trial is applied from 6 AM on yesterday morning.

Pancoran Flyover accommodates vehicle movement from east to west

Jakarta Transportation Dept. Deputy Head, Sigit Wijatmoko said, his side has evaluated traffic from 7-10 AM and noted 11,300 vehicles passed by near Pancoran Flyover.

"Pancoran Flyover accommodates vehicle movement from east to west. Because of flyover trial, traffic jam could be reduced by 60 percent," he stated, Tuesday (1/15).

He mentioned, his side will keep evaluating traffic flow in Pancoran Flyover, especially during rush hours.

"We will continue to evaluate it. Besides, all traffic signs on the location have been installed," he conveyed.