1,165 APAR Tubes Distributed to Fire-Prone Areas in North Jakarta

Kamis, 11 Januari 2018 11:55 Nurito 878

(Foto: Nurito - Beritajakarta.id)

1,165 tubes of portable fire extinguisher (APAR) have been distributed to fire-prone areas in North Jakarta, Wednesday (1/10). 

There are 1,165 tubes of APAR distributed to fire-prone areas

North Jakarta Fire Handling and Rescue Sub-dept. Head, Satriadi Gunawan said, APAR distribution is aimed to anticipate and handle the fire incident. If there is a fire case, locals will be more alert and early in tackling the fire. Of course, they have also been trained first to operate the APAR.

"There are 1,165 tubes of APAR distributed to fire-prone areas. Each RW gets with different amounts, depending on the level of vulnerability," he stated.

According to him, it is prioritized to the identified residential areas that are lack of water resources and densely populated.

Those tubes are spread to Cilincing Sub-district (221 tubes), Koja Sub-district (220 tubes), Tanjung Priok Sub-district (250 tubes), Kelapa Gading Sub-district (150 tubes), Pademangan Sub-district (130 tubes) and Penjaringan Sub-district (194 tubes).

"Aside that, the RW caretakers and locals are also given a training how to use the APAR. It has been done routinely in different locations," he stated.