Councils of Seven Regionals Conducted Kunker to City Council

Jumat, 20 Oktober 2017 10:37 Adriana Megawati 1038

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Councils from Bukittinggi, Maros, Kendal, Ketapang, Medan, Rokanhulu, and Nias Selatan held a work visit (kunker) to City Council.

We want to ask for suggestions from City Council

Ketapang Council's Regional Regulation Forming Board (Bapemperda) Pansus II Head, Mateus Yudi said, the purposes of kunker is to discuss about Bapemperda and Honor Board.

Besides, his side wants to discuss about Regional Regulation (PP) No. 18/2017 about Financial and Administrative Rights for City Council Chairman and Members.

"We want to ask for suggestions from City Council. Because suggestions are important for council members or citizen," he said, Thursday (10/19).

City Council Vice Chairman, M. Taufik encourages council member to be more diligent in serving citizen and monitoring. It is needed to be done since council member working period will be ended in two years ahead.

"I hope council members can enhance their work and performance," he closed.