Jamkrida Does Business Products Socialization in Central Jakarta

Selasa, 17 Oktober 2017 16:09 Keren Margaret Vicer 1053

(Foto: Keren Margaret Vicer - Beritajakarta.id)

We are glad this product can help UMKM continue to grow

The city-owned credit insurance PT Penjamin Kredit Daerah Jakarta (Jamkrida) is holding socialization about two products of business company in Central Jakarta Administration.

Those products are Surety Bond that can be used by UKPD and UMKM.

Regina Kristiningsih, Managing Director of PT Jamkrida Jakarta Non-Bank Security expressed, for Surety Bond is a guarantee product that can assist UKPD in implementing development programs, especially infrastructure.

"We also provide guarantees for UMKM. This can be exploited widely to improve the welfare of the community," she stated, after socialization at the office of Central Jakarta Mayor, Tuesday (10/17).

Central Jakarta Vice Mayor, Bayu Meghantara uttered his party positively is welcoming the socialization.

"We are glad this product can help UMKM continue to grow. While for Surety Bond product, we will do further discussion with UKPD ranks," he uttered.