SDA Dept. Does Remapping on Land Acquisition Due to River Normalization

Rabu, 11 Oktober 2017 12:24 Erna Martiyanti 885

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Jakarta Water Resource (SDA) Dept. is remapping land acquisition for affected land due to river normalization since half of proposed budget is approved.

Because not all proposals were approved, we need to do remapping

Jakarta SDA Dept. Head, Teguh Hendarwan said, it is just Rp 437 billion from total Rp 1.2 trillion land acquisition budget is approved in Revised City Budget 2017.

"Because not all proposals were approved, we need to do remapping. We are looking for the most priority above priorities," he said, Tuesday (10/10).

He explained, for budget, just 30-40 percent from 1,000 land plots are approved to be acquired.

"Land that will be acquired contains many small lands with many land owners. Thus we should find the most priority," he expressed.

He added, three rivers will be focused to be normalized this year. There are Ciliwung River, Pesanggrahan River, Sunter River. While Ciliwung-Cisadane Flood Control Office (BBWSCC) will do the normalization work.