SDA Dept. Gets Additional Budget Rp 437 B For Normalization

Senin, 02 Oktober 2017 15:20 Erna Martiyanti 986

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Jakarta Water Resource (SDA) Dept. gets additional budget Rp 437 billion in revised City Budget 2017.

Just Rp 437 billion was approved from Rp 1.3 trillion

That additional budget will be used to buy land for river normalization project in Jakarta.

Jakarta SDA Dept. Head, Teguh Hendarwan said, previously his side proposed budget Rp 1.3 trillion, but it is approved as many as Rp 437 billion," he said, Monday (10/2).

"Rp 437 billion is approved from Rp 1.3 trillion," he closed.

He explained will re-register locations that should be released early since approved budget is less than his side proposed before.

According to him, his side just can release 30-40 percent of land in riverbank.

"We will do mapping. We predict just can release 30-40 percent," he closed.