Bogor City DPRD Conducts Kunker to Jakarta DPRD

Senin, 11 September 2017 17:30 Oki Akbar 1020

(Foto: Reza Hapiz -

Members and leaders of Bogor City DPRD are conducting a work visit (kunker) to Jakarta DPRD today, Monday (9/11). The visit is aimed to learn a lot about budgeting.

Regard to transportation, flood, or population, we should all communicate

Bogor City DPRD Vice Chairperson, Sopian disclosed, besides budgeting, another aim of the work visit is to improve the work synergy with Jakarta DPRD.

"Talk about the workload, both of us have to hip together. Regard to transportation, flood, or population, we should all communicate," he expressed, at City Council building, Monday (9/11).

Sopian continued flood handling in Jakarta and Bogor requires an integrated policy. That is why it takes good communication to find solutions together over all issues.

"Another important thing is the population. Sometimes we in Bogor difficult to calculate the number of residents, as it is a lot of citizens have Jakarta ID card. This should also be coordinated further," he exclaimed.

At the same place, Jakarta DPRD Commission Vice Chairperson, Ashraf Ali assessed, Jakarta and Bogor cannot be separated from the work program, especially in term of flood management program.

"We hope we can work together to realize work programs, either in the term of policy or its correlation in the form of budget," he hoped.