City Budget 2018 is Targeted to Get WTP Opinion

Kamis, 31 Agustus 2017 10:56 Oki Akbar 1095

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City Council's Asset Special Committee (Pansus) together with Jakarta Asset Management Agency (BPAD) targets City Budget 2018 usage to get reasonable without exception (WTP) opinion from Audit Board (BPK).

That is our big wish. Next year budget usage must get WTP

"That is our big wish. Next year budget usage must get WTP. This is why we start to manage it from now," said Gembong Warsono, Head of Council's Asset Pansus, Wednesday (8/30).

According to him, the reason City Budget gets reasonable with exception (WDP) opinion from BPK for these recent four years is mainly because regional asset management is still not optimal. Though, his side is still ensure that City Budget can get WTP opinion since recently Jakarta BPAD is developing Asset Information System (SIA).

"I think the purpose of SIA which is being developed now, leads to there," he said.

Jakarta BPAD Head, Achmad Firdaus said, SIA which is recently used by his side to record all SKPD and UKPD's assets is still not running optimally.

"When this system can operate optimally, we can answer well what BPK asked because everything has been recorded," he closed.