Djarot Appreciates Participants in Color of Jakarta Photo Contest

Jumat, 25 Agustus 2017 14:33 Budhi Firmansyah Surapati 1015

(Foto: Punto Likmiardi -

Jakarta Governor, Djarot Saiful Hidayat, appreciating the work of participants in the Color of Jakarta photo contest 2017 that documented the development of the capital city.

What we do will be worth in the next 50 years and have a high historical significance

According to him, from the photo shoot results of the participants, the city development can be well documented.

"I am proud. 5,000 participants are documenting the city development. What we do will be worth in the next 50 years and have a high historical significance," he stated, Thursday (8/24).

He added the number of participants proves many people care about their surrounding environment. The photographs and videos of the documentation are also a social control and input for Jakarta Provincial Government in implementing the development.

Hence, his party intends to attach photos of the winners in RPTRAs, flats and schools to be seen by many people. In addition, he will also include photos of the winner as a photo calendar.

"Since this is a copyright, I ask permission to the photographers who have rights," he said.

Jakarta Communication, Informatic and Statistic Dept. Head, Dien Ekowati added the contest with them "Jakarta Kini" that has been started on May 26-July 2017 will be processed in the judging process, to set the winners of the five categories.

"Photos and videos collected by the participants are guided by themes about development in the capital," he expressed.

Those five categories are Infrastructure Photo, Culture and Tourism Photos, Stories Photo, Video Blog (Vlog), and Video Story.

For the category of cultural and tourism photos, the first winner was won by Wisnu Yudowibowo with a work entitled Mengenal Ruang Angkasa di Planetarium Skyworld. The second winner was Bony Kuncoro with a work entitled Pentas Palang Pintu Betawi and third winner was Hari Wibowo with a work entitled Acara Tujuh Belasan.

As for the category of infrastructure photos, the first winner was achieved by Bangkit Santo Aji with a work entitled Operator Crane, second winner was achieved by Agus Susanti with a work entitled Tanggul Pengaman Pantai. Then for third winner was Indra Kahuripan with a work entitled Wajah Baru Semanggi.

Then the category of Story photos, the first winner was achieved by Dana Kencana with a work entitled Artis Kota Tua Jakarta. The second winner was Aditya Noviansysh with a work entitled Harapan di Jakarta, third winner was Adri Noviar Budiman with a work entitled Sudut Warna Warni Ceria in Kalijodo.

While the category of video blog, the first winner was Thomas Arvid with a work entitled Feed Of Jakarta, second winner was Fikri Mufbh Afar with a work entitled Our Last For Tri, and third winner was Hendra Permana with a work entitled Jakarta with 3,500.

Last is the category of video story, the first winner was Meidy Adha with a work entitled Jakarta Dinanti, second winner was Fikri Muftih Akbar with a work entitled Gotong Royong Pancasila in Jakarta and third winner was Ferry Irwandi with a work entitled Jakartaku yang Terkasih.

"Hopefully, this meeting can be a means to produce more photography and videography works that are more creative and touching and useful for Jakarta," she hoped.