Sunter River Normalization Reaches 47 Percent

Senin, 17 April 2017 15:11 Erna Martiyanti 1629

(Foto: Reza Hapiz -

Sunter River normalization in East Jakarta continuous to be accelerated by Jakarta Water Resources Dept.

The progress on the field recently has reach 47 percent

Recently, the normalization reaches 47 percent and targeted to be finished in the end of this year.

Jakarta Water Resources Dept. Head, Teguh Hendarwan said, Sunter River is normalized for 23 kilometers long with 34.9 hectares wide which includes four sub-districts and eight urban villages in East Jakarta.

"The progress on the field recently has reached 47 percent," he said in a board meeting at City Hall, Monday (4/17).

He added, until this March, there are 55 from total 292 lands in Sunter River with 33.9 thousands square meters wide in total have been bought.

"This April, we are targeting to free 40 lands more," he added.

He expressed that in this normalization program, at least 400 families are affected and will be relocated to flat that owned by Jakarta Provincial Government.

"There are 202 lands in total that must be freed. We will be done it this year," he closed.