Badung Regency Conducts Work Visit to Jakarta DPRD

Rabu, 15 Maret 2017 16:32 Folmer 1390

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The Badung Regency Legislative Council (DPRD), Bali Province, Wednesday (3/15) is carrying out a work visit to Jakarta DPRD. Those are officially welcomed by Vice Chairman of Jakarta DPRD, M Taufik at a multipurpose room on third floor of DPRD building.

Hak budgeting yang melekat oleh anggota dewan mengacu pada aturan hukum yang berlaku

Badung DPRD Chairman, I Putu Parwata disclosed, work visit is held to get inputs such as the rights and the duties of wakil rakyat (people's representative). 

"We do as much as possible to meet the duty in following up the public aspirations submitted to legislators. In doing the duty, the budgeting rights is often rejected to be included in City Budget (APBD)," he expressed.

Jakarta DPRD Vice Chairman, M Taufik explains wakil rakyat's duty in Jakarta is compliance with Government Regulation No. 16/2010.

"Budgeting rights attached by council members refer to the applicable law. When it is rejected, it must be accompanied by legal basis. Besides the council has the rights to reject the executive's budget proposal, because it doesn't refer to the mechanism of the proposed budget that has been set," he explained.

He added Jakarta DPRD is currently also focused on the revision of the code of conduct refers to Government Regulation No. 16/2010.

"Revision is done to run the duty, not restrain or interfere with the council performance itself," he closed.