Floods Force Residents in Bukit Duri to Flee

Kamis, 16 Februari 2017 11:44 Nurito 1198

(Foto: Nurito - Beritajakarta.id)

25 residents living in RW 12, Bukit Duri, South Jakarta affected by floods from Ciliwung River this morning had to be evacuated using three rubber boats. They are brought to a train depot on Jalan Bukit Duri Utara.

Until now, we have evacuated 25 people

From that number, some are toddlers and two residents suffer from stroke.

Umar, Head of Group B Platoon for Tebet Sub-district Fire Handling and Rescue disclosed 10 personnel and 3 rubber boats are instantly sent toward Bukit Duri at around 5 AM.

"Until now, we have evacuated 25 people. Two of them are suffering from stroke and rushed to the nearest hospital," he said, Thursday (2/16).

He stressed his personnel continue to try evacuate people who trapped in floods. Moreover, until now, flooding has not subsided.

Nuryanti (49), one of flood victims who live in RT 02/12 Bukit Duri admitted she had survived in the house because water reached 1.5 meters.

"Water continues to rising. That's why we are afraid and request for evacuation using rubber boats," she finished.