Members of Council from 3 Regions Visited City Council

Jumat, 20 Januari 2017 17:42 Folmer 1066

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Dozens of Banjar Regency Legislative member, South Kalimantan and East Java Provincials conducted work visit to city council (DPRD). It's purpose is to discuss for recommendation material related to council's work and function.

Bamus is like the heart of all council's activities

In that opportunity, City Council Commission B member, Syarifuddin explained that all activities has been scheduled in Consultative Board (Bamus) first.

"Bamus is like the heart of all council's activities," he said, Friday (1/20).

Syarifuddin added that council's activity which is not been scheduled in City Council Bamus will be categorized as illegal activity.

"So, all activities are under controlled, directed, and clear. Bamus is not about schedule only," he added.

He continued, City Council also working as observer of city budget (APBD).

"Budget preparation mechanism referring to RPJMD, RKPD, musrenbang result, and citizen aspirations which submitted from council's recess," he closed.