Jakarta BPPBJ Received Work Visit of ADB Representatives

Rabu, 16 November 2016 14:57 Folmer 1535

(Foto: Folmer - Beritajakarta.id)

Jakarta Goods and Service Procurement Service Agency (BPPBJ) received a work visit from Board of Directors for the People's Republic of China Asian Development Bank (ADB), Mr Zonging Wang and Mrs. Sona Shresta, Tuesday (11/15).

Principally, we're ready to impose it for construction work that has prototype and typical in Jakarta

The arrival of representatives from ADB was official welcomed by Jakarta BPPBJ, Blessmiyanda in order to see the development of Private Public Partnership and Competitive Catalog.

In the meeting, they discussed about e-catalog system in terms of goods and service procurement in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta. 

This is because Jakarta BPPBJ will impose a competitive catalog for construction activities that already have a prototype. For example is construction of sidewalk, sheet pile, hospital and school that already have precast modules.

Jakarta BPPBJ Head, Blessmiyanda disclosed, the work visit is conducted to monitor the development and implementation of competitive catalog system that financed by fund aid of ABD.

"Principally, we're ready to impose it for construction work that has prototype and typical in Jakarta," he expressed, Tuesday (11/15).

The ABD representative also explained about goods and service procurement in his country that still applies one-two cover system.

Meanwhile, in Jakarta, has been imposed the Information Systems Performance of Providers (SIKAP) thus it is only the price that competed for the administrative and technical standard already.

"SIKAP auction is faster and only need five days in its process. We compete on the level of prices or profit margins," he finished.