Seribu Islands to Try Video Conference

Selasa, 07 Juni 2016 16:02 Suparni 3073

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Video conference trial will be held by Regent Budi Utomo from Seribu Island Administration office on Pramuka Island, with his ranks at Mitra Praja, Sunter, North Jakarta, Wednesday (6/8) tomorrow.

The trial is supported by a network operator

“The trial is supported by a network operator,” said Bandok Eko Priambodho, Seribu Islands Head Sub-dept. of Communication Informatics and Public Relations, Tuesday (6/7).

According to him, the bandwidth owns by the agency in Seribu Island is able for video conference. Previously, the conference was disturbed by devices.

“10 Mbps is enough for video conference. Our problem is in the devices. It is hoped tomorrow’s trial will also reveal other problems,” he added.