PAUD Teacher Must Have Advanced Skill

Reporter : Aldi Geri Lumban Tobing | Editor : Trias Risangayu | November 20, 2015 05:07 PM | Hits 780
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Every teacher of Early Childhood Education (ECD) is demanded to be responsible for creating the qualified young generation. Besides school facilities, human resources of teacher must also be improved.

" Teacher should be responsible for the children in PAUD. They must get positive education"

"Teacher should be responsible for the children in PAUD. They must get positive education," said Chairwoman of Jakarta Family Welfare Movement Team (TP PKK), Veronica Tan, when she inaugurated the PAUD in Jatinegara Barat Flat, Friday (11/20).

Veronica disclosed, particularly PAUD in Jatinegara Barat, its teacher is indeed dominated by local teachers. Yet they have been trained and supplied with good materials.

"PAUD teachers in Jatinegara Barat are facilitated well, and they are familiar with the environment. They can teach and produce too. The important thing is we have qualified teachers here," stated wife of Jakarta Governor, Basuki 'Ahok T Purnama.

She assessed, such flat is a form of public awareness. This is because all the ideas and contributions of the public, where it would return enjoyed by the people.

"We are very pleased and proud, because it could invite the people to participate. Because in the end, all will be returned to them, this is what the actual function of empowerment," closed Veronica.