Street Vendors Back to Crowd UKI Cawang JPO

Reporter : Agustian Anas | Editor : Adi Alfiyan | March 26th, 2014 03:12 PM 15:12 WIB | Dibaca 1504 kali
Street Vendors Back to Crowd UKI Cawang JPO (Foto : /
How ironic, a number of pedestrian bridges (JPO) in the capital city are back to be owned by street vendors for trading. This is caused by the low supervision and officer firmness in controlling street vendors in public facilities.

As happened at UKI Cawang JPO, Jalan Mayjen Sutoyo, East Jakarta, where vendors’ stalls have covered almost the JPO’s track. This condition is surely disturbing pedestrians. The condition is also worsened by the existence of beggars who lined up the bridge.

Based on observations, vendors began to sell their wares in afternoon when there are no Satpol PP personnel in the location. Otherwise, the bridge is sterile from vendors in the morning and noon.

“We are usually selling our wares at around 4 PM after Satpol PP personnel left the JPO,” expressed Husni, one of vendors.

Feeling uncomfortable, some pedestrians are complaining the existence of street vendors who have placed their wares along the JPO. “We were asked to cross through the bridge, but it is crowded by vendors and often quarreled with them. Moreover, a lot of people cross the bridge in afternoon,” exclaimed Ahmad (22), a college student.

East Jakarta Satpol PP Head, Syahdonan admitted the bridge was deserted from officers in the afternoon until night. “The personnel must undergo the rehearsal of the 64th anniversary of Satpol PP Day in Monas,” he told.

Nevertheless, he promised to send officers in order to evict the street vendors. “They will on standby in the afternoon until night,” he finished.