Today, Basuki Ride a Bike to City Hall

Reporter : Folmer | Editor : Adi Alfiyan | March 7th, 2014 02:01 PM 14:01 WIB | Dibaca 1747 kali
Today, Basuki Ride a Bike to City Hall (Foto : /
Jakarta Vice Governor, Basuki T Purnama cycled from his home in the area of Pantai Mutiara, Pluit, heading to the office at City Hall, Jl. Medan Merdeka Selatan, Central Jakarta, Friday (3/7).

The first cycling activity undertaken by Basuki is an obligation that should be followed for all Jakarta civil servants (PNS) serving under Jakarta Provincial Government every Friday at the beginning of the month.

Basuki, accompanied by five private employees from his home at 5.40 AM and arrived at City Hall at 6.40 AM. During the trip, he also had to stop the bike to chitchat with several residents.

After arriving at City Hall, he immediately went to his office room for a shower and breakfast.

He deliberately did not tell the media about his desire went to the office by bike. "If I tell the media, my trip would be disrupted," he exclaimed.

He admitted that the bike is a gift of a bicycle company and has been registered as a Jakarta Provincial Government assets. "If it is the gratification, I don`t want to use it," he explained.

As known, as many as 10 bikes are dominated by red and white bikes that accepted by Jakarta government on Tuesday (3/4). Especially for Jokowi and Basuki`s bikes were given a label on behalf of their name.

In accordance with Governor Instruction No. 105/2013, today or Friday is a day without a private vehicle for the entire Jakarta civil servants. In last February, Basuki choose riding the BKTB bus (PIK-Monas) towards the City Hall.