Tax Target in S. Jakarta Raised

Reporter : Rio Sandiputra | Editor : Adi Alfiyan | February 12th, 2014 04:28 PM 16:28 WIB | Dibaca 1303 kali
Tax Target in S. Jakarta Raised (Foto : /
The high number of shopping centers and businesses in South Jakarta, causing its regional tax targets is raised or highest compared to other regions in Jakarta. Currently, the Income Tax Payable (SPPT) of Land and Building Tax (PBB) in 2014 has been issued by Jakarta Tax Services Department. By collecting tax through jemput bola (officers to take the initiative to visit residents), tax target as much as Rp 2.2 trillion in South Jakarta is expected can be achieved.

"For 2104 SPPT PBB, was already printed, and can be taken at each urban village office on February 14-28," said Head of Jakarta Tax Services Department, Iwan Setiawandi, Wednesday (2/12).

According to Setiawandi, tax target in Jakarta reaches Rp 6.8 trillion where it would be achieved if 1.9 million of taxpayers was on time in tax payment. "Tax target in Jakarta reaches Rp 6.8 trillion with 1.9 million of taxpayers," he expressed.

In South Jakarta, he disclosed, there are 400 thousand of PBB taxpayers. "The highest tax target is in South Jakarta amounting to Rp 2.2 trillion, followed by Rp 1.5 trillion in North Jakarta, Rp 1.1 trillion in Central Jakarta, Rp 1.01 trillion in West Jakarta, Rp 800 billion in East Jakarta, and Rp 7 billion in Seribu Islands," he explained.

Head of South Jakarta Tax Services Sub-Department, Parasian Purba stated for the increase in taxable value of property (NJOP), there will be a policy for taxpayers affected by natural disasters. "This is only dedicated to underprivileged people. For filling an objection, will be given time at least 3 months from the issuance of SPPT," he told.

South Jakarta Mayor, Syamsuddin Noor hopes the timeliness of payment also determines the smooth development of Jakarta. "I hoped the taxpayer to obey the rules of tax payment well. By so, the development of the new Jakarta City can be realized smoothly," he finished.