City Opens Population Administration Services in Refugee Posts

Reporter : Nurito | Editor : Rini Elvira | February 8th, 2014 06:03 PM 18:03 WIB | Dibaca 527 kali
City Opens Population Administration Services in Refugee Posts (Foto : /
In order to ease the process of flood victims’ civil administration, Jakarta Population and Civil Register Department is going to conduct jemput bola system by visiting refugee posts spread in five municipalities on every Saturday.

Head of Jakarta Population and Civil Register Department, Purba Hutapea, said the service will be conducted simultaneously in RW 16 post, Cililitan Urban Village, Kramatjati Sub-District, East Jakarta; Petojo Selatan Urban Village, Gambir Sub-District, Central Jakarta; Semper Timur Urban Village, Cilincing Sub-District, North Jakarta; Jatipulo Urban Village, Palmerah Sub-District, West Jakarta; and Pejaten Timur Urban Village, Pasar Minggu Sub-District, South Jakarta.

“In principle, we are ready to serve flood victims who need help in civil administration. For now, indeed we don’t know yet how many residents lose their citizenry documents. We predict the report will be coming in next week. Later, if the data given was accurate, ID Cards (KTP) will be directly printed. As for family cards (KK) and birth certificates, the process takes time for a week. In addition, here we also conduct e-ID Card recording,” uttered Hutapea during population service in RW 16 post, Cililitan, Saturday (2/8).

Moreover, Hutapea informed that starting January this year, all kinds of services for population administration and civil registration are free of charge. So, if anyone got charged, either in urban village office, sub-district office, as well as population and civil register sub-departments, please report it to Jakarta Population and Civil Register Department. Later, the actor who recklessly taking charges will be strictly sanctioned.

For information, Jakarta Population and Civil Register Department also has opened service for birth certificate processing in five general hospitals (RSUD) since a week ago. Those hospitals are RSUD Budi Asih, RSUD Pasar Rebo, RSUD Tarakan, RSUD Koja, and RSUD Cengkareng. Especially in East Jakarta, 20 birth certificates have been printed.