Restoration for Tanah Abang Block G Cancelled

Reporter : Folmer | Editor : Cintya Meliza | April 08, 2015 05:29 PM | Hits 1801
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Jakarta Provincial Government cancelled the restoration planning of Tanah Abang Block G Market, Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta. The restoration of the market which is broken in some parts is deemed not the authority of Jakarta government because it was built by private side. 

" Do you know why I change my mind? May I ask, with whom you built it? With private side he said"

"Do you know why I change my mind? May I ask, with whom you built it? With private side he said. If it is built with private side, why it should be Rp 300 billion, for what?," said Jakarta Governor, Basuki 'Ahok' T Purnama at City Hall, Wednesday (4/8).

Ahok disclosed his party has questioned the developer's promise for providing excalator and conneting bridge between Block A and B Market. Yet it is still not being realized until now. 

"We all know the way how to make Block G crowded? Through connecting bridge between Block A and Block B. Then it will be connected with station. So, the reason why the market is deserted, instead of there is no a connecting bridge but the poor quality of the building," he expressed. 

He suspected there is an intentional element in the bridge construction thus its management could be handed over to the private side.

"The bridge is not built deliberately, but it is postponed. After entering the tender, it will be cancelled," he stressed.

Therefore, his party had to cancel dismantling the market. Even, Jakarta government would build a bridge to connect the Block G with Block A and B, as well as Tanah Abang Train Station. 

"I want to know if the market has had the bridge and deserted, there must be demolition. This is logical, right? If it is not realized yet, there will no demolition," he added.