Jakarta KONI Hoped to Improve Athlete's Performance

Reporter : Nurito | Editor : Arief Rahman | March 11th, 2015 02:57 PM 14:57 WIB | Dibaca 1424 kali
Jakarta KONI Hoped to Improve Athlete's Performance (Foto : Nurito / Beritajakarta.id)

Jakarta National Sport Committee (KONI) is expected to conduct sports coaching for Jakarta athletes in order to improve their achievement. Besides the National Sports Week (PON), these athletes will also be participated in Sea Games, Asian Games, and Olympic. 

"We are proud if they (athlete) can scent a nation at international level "

"We are proud if they (athlete) can scent a nation at international level. Indeed, I am not an expert in exercise, but I like sport. As a matter of fact, I prefer to watch sport news than criminal news on television, thus forget to develop this nation's achievement," said Jakarta Vice Governor, Djarot Saiful Hidajat, Wednesday (11/3).

Former Mayor of Blitar also concerned with the decline of the Indonesian athlete's achievement. As a matter of fact, Indonesia could be the fourth host of Asian Games in 1962 and built Istora Senayan Stadium, as well as also became the host of Ganefo, that is an event that able to compete the Olympic with Non Aligned movement participants.

"At that time, we greatly feared by other countries than Russia. This is surely an outstanding achievement for us," he explained.

Likewise with other sports achievements, the athlete has won in any event prestigious international level, ranging from swimming, badminton, athletics, etc. But it fallen sharply.

He disclosed many things that make athlete's performance declining, like as adu domba (ram fighting) among sports enthusiasts or money temptation in terms of project until power. Thus it caused personal ambitions of sport enthusiasts and will automatically undermine the spirit of the struggle to compete. Whereas, the sport must be learned from an early age to achieve a brilliant achievement. The coaching and competition should be tiered.

Meanwhile, Acting Head of Jakarta National Sport Committee, Edi Widodo disclosed coaching athletes must be tiered. At least, the coaching could be developed in each school, starting from elementary, secondary, and college. In school, its implementation is managed by Jakarta Education and Jakarta Sports and Youth Departments, and will be supported by the committee from behind.

He mentions the National Student Sports Olympiad (O2SN) becomes the beginning of sports coaching in schools. It is an embryo towards the National Students' Games (POPNAS) until National Student Sports Week (Pomnas). "Jakarta Education Department, Sports Department, and KONI should be mutually supportive in a bid to create outstanding athletes," he expressed.

At this time, around 800 athletes were already prepared to be qualified. Yet only 600 of them who would pass the qualification and would be coached as national and international athletes.