TMR Takes Day Off, Many Visitors Do Not Know

Reporter : Rio Sandiputra | Editor : Adi Alfiyan | February 3rd, 2014 05:59 PM 17:59 WIB | Dibaca 1248 kali
TMR Takes Day Off, Many Visitors Do Not Know (Foto : /
As reported ealier, the manager of Ragunan Zoo (TMR) took a day off every Monday for wildlife animal maintenance. Unfortunately, the news is not yet known by visitors, thus many of them are returning home after parking area closed.

Jaka, (45), a citizen of Depok together with his wife and three children, said they were disappointed because of they cannot enter and enjoy the holiday with family in TMR. 

"I don`t know this news if the zoo takes day off for all animals," he admitted, Monday (2/3).

Head of TMR Public Relation, Wahyudi Bambang stated today, all parking areas are closed. "We also have installed a banner about day off every Monday in TMR," he expressed.

He assessed that such policy was taken for a preventive healthcare for animal. Moreover, weather condition is unfavorable. "For preventive maintenance is done due to unfavorable weather. Its way is like by mixing food with vitamins that can protect animals against the disease," he explained.

For a primate center in TMR, tree pruning is imposed on shade trees. "We prune all shade trees in primate center. And for leopard cages, we give the trunks of trees to train their nails," he finished.