Anies Gives Last Tribute to the Jakarta Secretary

Reporter : Rezki Apriliya Iskandar | Editor : Maria Inggita | September 16th, 2020 09:18 PM 21:18 WIB | Dibaca 84 kali
Anies Gives Last Tribute to the Jakarta Secretary (Foto : /

Jakarta Governor, Anies Baswedan, along with the ranks of Jakarta Provincial Government paid their final respect at the ceremony to release the body of Jakarta Secretary, Saefullah at Jakarta City Hall, Central Jakarta, Wednesday (9/16) afternoon. For information, Jakarta Secretary, Saefullah passed away at 12:55 WIB at RSPAD Gatot Subroto after being confirmed positive for COVID-19.

" This afternoon, the big family of Jakarta Provincial Government has lost the best leader"

"This afternoon, the big family of Jakarta Provincial Government has lost the best leader, Allahu yarham, Mr. Saefullah is a good person, a hard worker, a person who always prioritizes completing all tasks assigned to him. This afternoon, I am with Jakarta Council (DPRD) Chairperson, DPRD Vice Chairperson, Vice Governor, and the entire family of Jakarta Provincial Government felt a very deep loss," Anies said as quoted from Jakarta PPID press release, Wednesday (9/16).

He recalled Saefullah as a person who in these past six months worked day and night to fight COVID-19 outbreak in Jakarta. He invited the whole community to pray for Saefullah, especially because he is known as a warm person to everyone.

"For all of us, he left an extraordinary impression. For some of us, he is not just a colleague, not just a co-worker. He is a friend and for junior, he often seen as a father. Now, our responsibility is to continue what he has done. Continuing the kindness that the deceased has done in City Hall, in Jakarta Provincial Government. While remembering that all of us will someday experience death. We carry out this mandate as well as possible. We hold this mandate as high as possible. God willing, we will be protected and we pray for all Jakarta residents that, God willing, they will be free from COVID-19 pandemic," he conveyed.

On this occasion, he kept reminding that death shouldn't be viewed as a statistical number. Therefore, he emphasized that public should remain discipline in implementing health protocols during PSBB period by wearing mask, maintaining safe distance, washing hands regularly with soap and running water.

"Today, Jakarta has lost one of its best person. One of Betawi people who pursued carrier from a teacher to finally become the Jakarta Secretary. We pray for him thus he can be Husnul Khatimah and I hope all Jakarta residents to take this a lesson. His condition was indeed worrisome. I always underline, our messages are never added, never reduced, we convey it as it is. COVID-19 is real and the risks are great. This is a clear example of the worst situation of being exposed to COVID-19 and those who were exposed were our brothers," he said.

"Goodbye, the best son of Jakarta. Rest in peace. We believe you get the best place in the heaven, and God willing, this city will continue to send you endless rewards for all of your good deeds for this city," he closed.