PSBB, Anies Focuses on Suppressing Transmission in the Office

Reporter : Aldi Geri Lumban Tobing | Editor : Maria Inggita | September 14th, 2020 12:00 AM 00:00 WIB | Dibaca 315 kali
PSBB, Anies Focuses on Suppressing Transmission in the Office (Foto : Istimewa /

Jakarta Governor, Anies Baswedan together with Jakarta Forkopimda and COVID-19 Task Force conveyed the technical details concerning the implementation of Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) for the next two weeks in Jakarta, on Sunday (9/13).

" Anies underlined the tightening and enforcement of health protocols in office to break the chain of COVID-19 transmission"

In his presentation, Anies underlined the tightening and enforcement of health protocols in office to break the chain of COVID-19 transmission which increased significantly in early September 2020.

"In PSBB which started from September 14, our main focus is restriction in the office. In government offices, discipline in regulating working hours and number of employees has been running better. However, discipline must be increased in private offices. For this reason, by obliging the leaders to regulate their workers to work from home. If workers have to work at the office, it is only allowed up to 25% of total capacity. Hopefully, we can suppress number of cases that has sprung up in the office cluster. It is valid for the next 2 weeks. If we found people with positive result at market, shopping centers, office building, then not only the office (tenant), but the entire building will be closed for 3 days operation," he explained as quoted from Jakarta PPID Press Release, Jakarta City Hall.

Within 2 weeks, he continued, there are 11 business sectors that can still operate by implementing strict health protocols and limiting capacity to 50%. Those sectors are foodstuffs including food and beverage; energy; communication and information technology; finance, banking, payment system, and capital markets; other things related to financial system in Indonesia; logistics, hospitality; construction; strategic industries; basic services, public utilities, and industries that are designated as national vital objects; and other sectors that facilitate people's daily needs.

The government offices and private offices outside the 11 sectors will refer to a regulation issued by the National Education and Culture that in high-risk zones, offices are still allowed to operate with maximum 25% from total capacity of employees who work at the same location and time.

Within the next two weeks, there are several activities that must be closed, including educational institutions; all tourism areas (recreational parks, and all entertainment activities); city parks, RPTRAs, and public facilities related to activities that gather people. There are strict restrictions on wedding receptions, seminars and conferences. Especially for wedding ceremony that can be done at KUA or civil registry office.

"For restaurants and cafes can operate only by providing delivery or take-away service, but are not allowed to accept visitors to eat on the spot (dine-in). While for worship places which located in residential areas can only be used by the local residents with maximum 50% of capacity. However, worship places which visited by various people from various locations, as well as worship places which located in red zone area are not allowed to operate. For example, the Grand Mosque must be closed first, but prayer activities in worship places in the community can still run," he explained.

He also emphasized that markets and shopping centers can still operate by limiting visitors up to 50% of the capacity on the location. However, restaurants and cafes located in the shopping center can only provide take away and delivery services.

According to him, in the last three months, market has been a target to enforce discipline through supervision between traders. City's decision to close the market when positive case is found, made the traders to be more discipline to avoid market closure. Therefore, he added, confirmed cases cluster in the market now can be controlled with a relatively lower risk of transmission from time to time.

"Next is population mobility that will be reduced. The maximum capacity of public transportation is 50%, continuing as it is now. As well as restriction on frequency of services and fleets. Maximum passenger capacity on the train and passenger boats is also regulated. As for private vehicles, maximum 2 people can fill per row of seats, unless it carries family living in one domicile. If one of the passengers don't live in the same domicile, then must follow the provision for maximum 2 people per row of seats. The odd-even policy will be eliminated during PSBB. App-based motorcycle taxis are only allowed to transport goods and passengers on strict health protocols. Details of this regulation will be compiled through Transportation Agency Head Decree (SK)," he informed.

He also explained about isolation for community which confirmed positive with OTG status and mild symptoms to be placed in Kemayoran Self-Isolation Flat, hotels and inns, guesthouses, dormitories, and other places designated by COVID-19 Task Force of Jakarta.

"Starting tomorrow, those who are found positive are required to isolate themselves in designated places. Self-isolation in house should be avoided becaues it has the potential for home cluster transmission (family). It happened because none of us could ensure the others wouldn't exposed to it. If there is positive case that refuse for isolation will be picked up by health workers together with law enforcement officials. For tracing, Jakarta Health Agency through Puskesmas will be active in case finding. Every people encountered in active case finding activity are obliged to take the test. If the people concerned has a potential of being exposed to COVID-19, then it is mandatory to take the test. This decision was made by Health Agency team," he asserted.

Monitoring will be carried out jointly by the ranks of police, TNI, Satpol PP, together with OPD (Regional Apparatuses Organization). So far, 158 thousand people, including agencies/institutions that have been prosecuted, even fines collection reached Rp 4,333 billion. Through a legal regulation on progressive fines, he expected people become more discipline within the next two weeks of PSBB. Not only focusing on mask operation, his side also limited people who gathered by maximum 5 persons in a group to reduce the potential of COVID-19 transmission.

On the other hand, he ensures social assistance to continue. It is provided based on the schedule until end of this year (December 2020). The recipients must be on target in accordance with existing data since there are 2.4 million vulnerable families in Jakarta. This social assistance given through Social Ministry's Budget (APBN) and Jakarta City Budget (APBD) that will be distributed through PD. Pasar Jaya.

"We realize the next days ahead, we have to maintain discipline. Therefore, I underline once again, that PSBB aims people to be at home and reduce traveling. Study at home, work at home, worship at home. If you really have to go, it is because of urgent condition. Let's be discipline together. Let's safe ourselves and others by wearing mask. It maybe uncomfortable, but being exposed to COVID-19 and treated for COVID-19 are much more uncomfortable. Therefore, let's use mask in any activities thus we can avoid transmission and infection. Be discipline in PSBB period. Maybe it feels heavy, or even uncomfortable, and burdensome. But let's face it. God willing, after this period, we will feel lighter, we can get through this period well and return to our activities well," he said.