Jakarta Paskibraka 2020 Inauguration, Ariza Encourages Members to Hoist the Flag in the Middle of Pandemic

Reporter : Mustaqim Amna | Editor : Maria Inggita | August 14th, 2020 04:04 PM 16:04 WIB | Dibaca 134 kali
Jakarta Paskibraka 2020 Inauguration, Ariza Encourages Members to Hoist the Flag in the Middle of Pandemic (Foto : Mustaqim Amna / Beritajakarta.id)

Jakarta Vice Governor, Ahmad Riza Patria (Ariza) inaugurated the Jakarta Flag Hoisting Troop (Paskibraka) 2020 at Jakarta City Hall, on Thursday (8/13). This year's Paskibraka members are those who had been elected and served in 2019. Because there was no selection test for Paskibraka 2020 due to COVID-19 pandemic.

" There is a reason why we didn't hold selection for Paskibraka 2020 members"

"There is a reason why we didn't hold selection for Paskibraka 2020 members, because of the issuance of Circular Letter from Youth and Sport Ministry to eliminate the activity. Thus Jakarta obeys the instruction," he said as quoted from Jakarta PPID Press Release, Thursday (8/13).

However, Independence Day Ceremony will be carried out by complying health protocols and restrictions on ceremonial officers according to guidelines set by central government. Thus he advised the Paskibraka members who were entrusted again to hoist the red and white flag to remain enthusiastic in carrying out their duties.

"We hope Jakarta Paskibraka 2020 are not discouraged because they cannot appear at State Palace, but at least we can learn to take advantage of second chance as best as possible," he conveyed.

He reminded that 3M health protocols will be tighten in this ceremony, including washing hands, wearing mask, and maintaining safe distance, both before and after activities.

"We have listened to president and Menpora's directions that in carrying out the ceremony, don't forget to protect yourself by implementing 3M. Hopefully this year's Independence Day celebration will remain lively because currently we are fighting against COVID-19," he added.

Meanwhile, Jakarta Youth and Sport Agency (Dispora) Head, Achmad Firdaus stated, Paskibraka 2019 members were lucky to get a second chance to appear again, even though in different conditions due to COVID-19. He assessed, there are not many Jakarta Paskibraka members this year because they already had the experience in hoisting red and white flag in 2019.

"They have been practicing regularly since 2019, not only on August 17. They are always included in every activities in Jakarta. Thus it is not a basic thing that they have to learn from the start," he assessed.

Previously, Jakarta Vice Governor, Ariza together with the officials and 8 Jakarta Paskibraka members who will be inaugurated have followed the inauguration procession that took place at the State Palace through virtual zoom meeting, as well as to listen direction from President Joko Widodo and Minister of Youth and Sport (Menpora) Zainudin Amali in carrying out the ceremony with COVID-19 prevention health protocols.

The eight members of Jakarta Paskibraka 2020 that have been inaugurated, namely; Alexander Philip I. from SMAK Penabur, M. Kautsar R. from SMA Diponegoro 1, Fatih Gian G. F. R. from SMA Angkasa 1, Rachel Emmanuel Miranda Putong from SMA 1 PSKD, Dyffa Zasqya F. from SMAN 80, Sulthan Muhammad Reza from SMAN 101, as well as Cahaya Candida who is studying at Tarumanegara University and Elsie Felice B. P. G. who is studying at Padjadjaran University.