Here is One of MRT's Biggest Challenges in Phase 2 Construction

Reporter : Wuri Setyaningsih | Editor : Maria Inggita | August 13th, 2020 01:55 PM 13:55 WIB | Dibaca 190 kali
Here is One of MRT's Biggest Challenges in Phase 2 Construction (Foto : /

PT. MRT Jakarta (Perseroda) has started MRT Phase 2 construction which divided into Phase 2A (Hotel Indonesia - Kota) and Phase 2B (Kota - Ancol Barat).

" We also have to protect the cultural heritage"

PT. MRT Jakarta Construction Director, Silvia Halim stated, so far her side has found several findings of ceramic fragments and brick structures at Monas area. These findings have been secured by BUMD specialists in archaeology and Jakarta Government's Cultural Heritage Team.

"This is one of the biggest challenges in Phase 2. We also have to protect the cultural heritage. From the information that we got, previously the west area of Monas was used to be the location of night market and police station," she said, Wednesday (8/12).

If the research result from archaeologists team stated that MRT Phase 2 construction project must be changed because of the cultural heritage building, then her side is ready to make modifications on the construction design.

On the other hand, Jakarta Government's Cultural Heritage Expert Team Leader, Candrian Attahiyat conveyed, most of the artifacts at MRT Phase 2 project site are located at the maximum depth of 10 meters.

"The artifacts found by MRT Jakarta may have high historical value, but we are not sure which century the artifacts originated. Because it needs to be studied thoroughly," he stated.

According to him, in around 1930s, Monas area was formerly the location for night markets, Gambir Market, park, and police station.

"We need samples such as its shape and exact location to recheck it thus we can find out what building it is. It depends on the excavation. Are there any artifacts or not, significant or not. If the findings are significant, we will discuss it, then give a proposal to PT. MRT Jakarta to make modifications on the design," he added.

But if the artifacts are found in the form of broken ceramics and bricks, then the project could continue with the existing design. However, he assessed that the findings must be saved.

"MRT Jakarta has a plan to build museum in the station thus people can see the findings. We support that plan," he stated.