Ciracas Launches Community-based Total Sanitation Program

Reporter : Nurito | Editor : Nugroho Adibrata | August 4th, 2020 01:39 PM 13:39 WIB | Dibaca 267 kali
Ciracas Launches Community-based Total Sanitation Program (Foto : Nurito /

The community-based total sanitation (STBM) program was launched in Ciracas Sub-district, East Jakarta in order to make 1,000 latrines for underprivileged people. The program itself was initiated by Ciracas Sub-district, Ciracas Puskesmas and SMPN 257 Jakarta.

" In the second stage, we are about to make 50 latrines"

Ciracas Sub-district Head Mamad expressed it was a continuation of a similar program that was previously packaged in the form of making 1,000 latrines. Thus far he already had a team to accommodate donation from the community, as it could not rely on the pure city budget to run this program. Around 1,000 latrines were targeted to be realized at the end of this month by involving citizens and assistance from the Ministry of public works and Public Housing.

"In the second stage, we are about to make 50 latrines. We previously had 10 units. Beyond that privileged citizens are also making latrines in their homes plus assistance from the central government," he expressed, Monday (8/3).

STBM Chairman Mohammad Samin uttered that its making was started from septic tank until toilet installation. His side would also make 50 latrines in this stage, which were funded by all teachers and parents of Jakarta SMPN 257. As for the workers came from the elements of the community assisted by Ciracas PPSU members.

"Our target is 50 units within three to five months," he stated.

Ciracas Sub-district Puskesmas Head Sunersi Handayani encouraged the community and the donators to independently make a septic tank and help underprivileged citizens to have it.

"We also invite donators from across sectors to help them (poor) to have a septic tank," she stated.