Council Plenary Meeting, Anies Conveys Raperda on the Accountability for the Implementation of City Budget 2019

Reporter : Rezki Apriliya Iskandar | Editor : Maria Inggita | July 23rd, 2020 04:38 PM 16:38 WIB | Dibaca 59 kali
Council Plenary Meeting, Anies Conveys Raperda on the Accountability for the Implementation of City Budget 2019 (Foto : /

Jakarta Governor, Anies Baswedan submitted regulation draft (Raperda) on the Accountability of Implementation of City Budget (APBD) 2019 at DPRD Plenary Meeting on Wednesday (7/22). He mentioned that the realization of regional revenue reaches 83.07 percent and 83.41 percent for regional expenditure in 2019.

" Regional Revenue in 2019 is targeted to reach Rp 74.99 trillion and realized as much as Rp 62.30 trillion, or 83.07%"

"Regional Revenue in 2019 is targeted to reach Rp 74.99 trillion and realized as much as Rp 62.30 trillion, or 83.07% which consisting of local revenue (PAD) Rp 45.70 trillion or 89.90% from target Rp 50.84 trillion; balancing funds Rp 14.49 trillion or 68.02% from target Rp 21.31 trillion; and other legitimate revenues that reached Rp 2.04 trillion or 73.28% from target Rp 2.78 trillion," he informed as quoted from Jakarta PPID Press Release, Wednesday (7/22).

He also explained Regional Expenditure components which only realized Rp 64.93 trillion or 83,41% from total target Rp 77.85 trillion. Those components are indirect expenditure Rp 29.56 trillion or 88.80% of budget Rp 33.29 trillion and direct expenditures Rp 35.37 trillion or 79.38% of budget Rp 44.56 trillion.

He also stated that Regional Expenditure has been used for carrying out priority programs based on 5 missions mentioned in RPJMD 2017-2022, namely:

1. Jakarta is a safe, healthy, smart, and cultured city by strengthening family values and providing spaces through leadership which involves, drives, and humanizes, namely:

- 12-year compulsory education program with budget Rp 3.03 trillion and realization Rp 2.73 trillion or 90.32%.

- Education Facilities and Infrastructures Improvement Program with budget Rp 2.55 trillion and realization Rp 2.20 trillion or 86.16%

- Regional Health Care Insurance Program with budget Rp 1.60 trillion and realization Rp 1.42 trillion or 88.63%

- Social Rehabilitation Program with budget Rp 234.48 billion and realization Rp 207.69 billion or 88.58%

- Sports Education and Development Program with budget Rp 1.71 trillion and realization Rp 1.44 trillion or 84.30%

2. Jakarta is a city that promotes public welfare through providing job vacancies, stability and affordability of basic needs, improved social justice, accelerated infrastructures construction, ease in investing and business, and improved spatial management, namely:

- SMEs Development and Entrepreneurship Coaching program with budget Rp 127.17 billion and realization Rp 92.18 billion or 72.49%

- Traffic and Transportation Safety Improvement Program with budget Rp 101.69 billion and realization Rp 86.08 billion or 84.65%

- Flood and Abrasion Control Program with budget Rp 3.31 trillion and realization Rp 2.11 trillion or 63.76%

- Waste Management Program with budget Rp 2.61 trillion and realization Rp 1.67 trillion or 63.92%

- Construction/Elevating Road and Bridge Program with budget Rp 2.66 trillion and realization Rp 1.75 trillion or 65.84%

3. Jakarta is a place for civil apparatuses to work, serve, and solve various city and citizens problems in an effective, meritocracy, and integrity way, namely:

- ASN Development, Training, and Management program with budget Rp 11.44 billion and realization Rp 9.08 billion or 78.79%

- Regional Asset Administration and Management Training Program with budget Rp 85.75 billion and realization Rp 67.17 billion or 78.33%

4. Jakarta as sustainable city with development and living arrangement that strengthen the environmental and social sectors, namely:

- Park Management Program with budget Rp 1.97 trillion and realization Rp 1.60 trillion or 81.18%

- Settlement Area Management Program with budget Rp 552.66 billion and realization Rp 337.53 billion or 61.07%

5. Jakarta, a dynamic capital city as a node of Indonesia's advancement which characterized in justice, nationality, and diversity

- Tourism Destination Development Program with budget Rp 250.15 billion and realization Rp 201.11 billion or 80.40%, where:

"Let me explain about realization for Regional Financing, namely: Financing Receivables Rp 11.78 trillion from Remaining Over Budget Calculation in APBD 2018 and Financing Expenditures in 2019 of Rp 7.93 trillion which used for equity participation of PDAM Jaya, PD. Pembangunan Sarana Jaya, PT. Jakarta Propertindo, and PT. MRT Jakarta thus from realization of revenue, expenditure, and financing, we obtained the remaining balance from Budget Year 2019 Calculation of Rp 1.20 trillion," he explained.

Furthermore, he also said the Regional Balance Sheet position as of December 31, 2019 consisted of assets of Rp. 517.15 trillion; Liabilities Rp 10.58 trillion; and Equity Rp 506.57 trillion. The Cash Flow Statement in 2019 can be explained as follows:

- Initial Cash Balance as of 1 January 2019 Rp 9.76 trillion

- Net cash flow from operating activities Rp 7.27 trillion

- Net cash flow for investment activities is minus Rp 15.78 trillion

- Net Cash Flow from Funding Activities is minus Rp.33.62 billion

- Net cash flow from Transit Activity is minus Rp.6.88 billion

- Final Cash Balance as of December 31, 2019 is Rp. 1.2 trillion.

"Alhamdulillah, because of our prayers and hard work, the audit results for Financial Report 2019, again, BPK announced 'Fair without Exception' opinion. This is the highest appreciation for the improved financial management accountability process carried out by Jakarta Government and WTP opinion on LKPD 2019 which is obtained for third times in a row since 2017-2019," he conveyed.

He emphasized that obtaining WTP oponion from BPK is not the final purpose, but a part of the process in improving financial management accountability within Jakarta Government. Here are the efforts in improving financial management accountability to realize financial management in 2020:

1. Improving regional planning and budgeting system by implementing Smart Planning Budgeting Information System,

2. Regional Financial Management Information System Development (SIPKD) as a follow up to the implementation of Government Regulation No. 12/2019 concerning Regional Financial Management.

3. Increasing Accountability in administering BOS and BOP expenditure

4. Revamping administration of regional assets by perfecting development on the Regional Asset Information System and determining the result of Regional Agencies/Units asset inventory, followed by solving the census result asset through Regional Property Status Determination Assembly

5. Accelerating follow-up on BPK RI Audit Reports (LHP).

"Finally, the Executive would like to express its gratitude and appreciation for Council Chairperson, Deputy Chairpersons, and legislators for the speech in Submitting the Regulation Draft on Accountability for the Regional Budget Revenue and Expenditure (P2APBD) 2019 that I just conveyed. The Executive hopes Council can discuss and approve the Regulation Draft to be Regional Regulation. May Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala, Almighty God always give His guidance in order to realize Jakarta as an advanced city with happy citizens," he closed.