Until July 14, Disparekraf Has Held 9 Training Sessions for Jakpreneurs

Reporter : Aldi Geri Lumban Tobing | Editor : Maria Inggita | July 15th, 2020 07:26 PM 19:26 WIB | Dibaca 116 kali
Until July 14, Disparekraf Has Held 9 Training Sessions for Jakpreneurs (Foto : Aldi Geri Lumban Tobing / Beritajakarta.id)

Jakarta Tourism and Creative Economy Agency (Disparekraf) continues to train Jakpreneurs during the COVID-19 pandemic. From May to July 14, Disparekraf has held training for 9 times.

" We provide interesting training related to the current topics "

Jakarta Disparekraf Creative Economy Division Head, Helma Dahlia mentioned, most of the training was conducted online because of COVID-19 pandemic situation. But some trainings also held face-to-face in class, together with online training.

There were several trainings provided related to digital marketing, product photo and content writing for marketing, financial education, and capital.

"We keep hold virtual training as our concern to Jakpreneurs thus they can survive and run their business in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic," he added, Tuesday (7/14).

She assessed, Jakpreneurs under Disparekraf have quite a high enthusiasm in joining the training. Especially for online training, which is attended by at least 80 participants. But for direct training, her side limited number of participants according to the health protocols.

"We still implement COVID-19 prevention protocols such as maintaining safe distance, wearing mask, and providing hand sanitizer. We also limit number of participants in the location, 50 people are not allowed," she stated.

Fulfilling the high demand of Jakpreneurs who want to participate in this training, Parekraf Sub-agency in each regions also instructed to facilitate Jakpreneurs to join the training, including Jakpreneurs who have limited access to technology.

The main target of this online training is to facilitate Jakpreneurs to obtain new knowledge thus they become more creative, innovative, and productive during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"We provide interesting training related to the current topics such as video making techniques and product branding. As creative economy entrepreneurs, their product should be unique and have high quality," he said.