3M Movement Socialized to Visitors in Pramuka Island

Reporter : Suparni | Editor : Maria Inggita | July 11th, 2020 07:56 PM 19:56 WIB | Dibaca 79 kali
3M Movement Socialized to Visitors in Pramuka Island (Foto : Suparni / Beritajakarta.id)

3M movement for washing hands, wearing mask, and maintaining safe distance, was socialized to visitors at Pramuka Island's Main Pier, Panggang Island Urban Village, and North Thousand Islands, on Saturday (7/11).

" 3M is socialized using loudspeaker to the visitors"

Panggang Island Urban Village Head, Pepen Kuswandi conveyed, PKK, Jumantik, and Dasawisma cadres socialized 3M movement with assistance from Safe Island Task Force using a loudspeaker.

"3M is socialized using loudspeaker to the visitors who enter and leave Pramuka Island at the main pier," he said, Saturday (7/11).

Moreover, 3M movement also socialized by joint personnel together with PKK, Jumantik, and Dasa Wisma cadres to the residents door-to-door.

"Socialization is also given to the residents door-to-door," he asserted.

Not only socializing 3M movement, his side also collaborated with Thousand Islands PMI and volunteers to conduct disinfectant spraying in main pier, worship places, regency plaza park, national park hall, and seven gazebos in Pramuka Island.

"For disinfectant spraying, PMI deploy 6 volunteers and 2 sprayer units with 120 liters of disinfectant liquid," he mentioned.