Sunter Podomoro Market Closed Until Sunday for Sterilization

Reporter : Budhi Firmansyah Surapati | Editor : Maria Inggita | July 10th, 2020 05:52 PM 17:52 WIB | Dibaca 213 kali
Sunter Podomoro Market Closed Until Sunday for Sterilization (Foto : Budhi Firmansyah Surapati /

Sunter Podomoro Market, Sunter Agung, Tanjung Priok, North Jakarta will be closed from Friday (7/10) until Sunday (7/12) due to disinfectant spraying.

" After sterilization, market will return to operate"

Tanjung Priok Sub-district Secretary, Raviandri mentioned, all activities at the market will be stopped within 3 days because market will be sterilized with disinfectant.

"After sterilization, market will return to operate and we will intensify monitoring of physical distance, mask use, and hand washing habit," he conveyed, Friday (7/10).

When the market returns to operate, his side will deploy joint personnel from city, sub-district, and urban village levels, as well as from Perumda Pasar Jaya, Civil Apparatuses (ASN) and communities to monitor activities at the market in order to minimize COVID-19 transmission.

Perumda Pasar Jaya Area 13 Manager, Dicky Fajar Siddik stated, his side has socialized all traders for not trading until the next 3 days.

"Technically, today joint personnel clean up the market first. Then we will spray the area with disinfectant tomorrow. During sterilization, all traders understand that they are not allowed to do activities at the market," he explained.

Sunter Agung Urban Village Head, Danang Wijanarka conveyed, market closure has been socialized to 20 RWs around the market. His side expects residents to understand that it is done to anticipate COVID-19 transmission.

"We have socialized it to the residents thus they can understand and find other markets to fulfill their needs," he mentioned.