Pertamina and LH Agency Hold Free Emission Test

Reporter : Rudi Hermawan | Editor : Maria Inggita | July 4th, 2020 08:51 PM 20:51 WIB | Dibaca 154 kali
Pertamina and LH Agency Hold Free Emission Test (Foto : Rudi Hermawan /

Pertamina through Marketing Operation Region (MOR) III and Jakarta Environment (LH) Agency encouraged pertamina gas station customers to contribute in improving clean air in Jakarta by providing free emission test today.

" Thus by providing emission test, we want to encourage people to make the air cleaner"

This free emission test was carried out at SPBU 3110701, on Jalan Industri Raya Kemayoran, Central Jakarta from 9 AM to 1 PM.

Four-wheeled and two-wheeled vehicles owners who bought any type of fuel at Pertamina gas station could take a part in this free emission test by showing their transaction receipt. For customers who used cashless transaction using MyPertamina would get merchandise. While for customers who installed MyPertamina and LinkAja applications would also get opportunity to get prizes.

MOR III Communication Relations and CSR Unit Manager, Dewi Sri Utami explained, this program was held as one of Pertamina's efforts to encourage people to concern about exhaust emissions of their vehicles.

"Motor vehicles' combustion process produces many hazardous compounds that can impact our health. Thus by providing emission test, we want to encourage people to make the air cleaner by using fuel with less sulfur content such as Pertamax Series or Dex Series," she explained, Saturday (7/4).

Furthermore, she added, emission test was also useful for vehicle owners to know the condition of their vehicles.

Jakarta LH Agency's Environmental Impact Management Division Head, Yusiono conveyed, his side fully supported this activity because motor vehicles' exhaust emission have an impact up to 75% on air pollution.

Through emission test, he expected people could know their vehicles' exhaust emission whether it is still normal or in a condition that could give negative impacts to air quality.

In this emission test, his side measured 6 elements in the vehicle's exhaust emission, namely HC (Hydrocarbon), CO (Carbon Monoxide), CO2 (Carbon Dioxide), O2 (Oxygen), and NO (Nitrogen Oxide) compounds, and Lambda.

"We hope this collaboration can be continued by providing emission test periodically in gas stations. Thus more people know the importance of carrying emission test," he stated.