Bank DKI Achieves the Best Service Award for BPD Bank Category

Reporter : Wuri Setyaningsih | Editor : Maria Inggita | July 4th, 2020 08:38 PM 20:38 WIB | Dibaca 347 kali
Bank DKI Achieves the Best Service Award for BPD Bank Category (Foto : Wuri Setyaningsih /

Bank DKI's consistency in improving its service quality got appreciation as bank with the best service for Regional Development Bank (BPD) category from Infobank Magazine that assessed the quality of BPD SI service for 2019-2020 period.

" In order to ensure excellent service standards in each branch offices, we always monitor and evaluate regularly"

This achievement also showed Bank DKI's improvement in service quality compared to the previous period since it reached the top three for BPD SI service quality.

Bank DKI President Director, Zainuddin Mappa assessed, customer satisfaction is the top priority in providing services. Thus his side always conduct supervision and evaluation to ensure every branch offices to give excellent service standards.

"In order to ensure excellent service standards in each branch offices, we always monitor and evaluate regularly," he mentioned, Saturday (7/4).

In the midst of COVID-19 pandemic, Bank DKI carries out health protocols to protect their customers and employees from COVID-19 by providing hand sanitizer, thermal scanner at central office and all branch offices, requiring customers and employees to wear mask, and conducted disinfectant spraying regularly.

"As our concern for the community, Bank DKI has also distributed assistance for handling COVID-19 with total Rp 5 billion," he added.

Jakarta BPBUMD Agency Head, Faisal Syafruddin assessed Bank DKI's achievement marked the success of various series of transformation carried out by all boards of Commissioners, Directors, and Employees in Bank DKI thus it could provide best service to its customers and Jakarta residents.

He said that in the current digital era, Bank DKI can continue to explore its potential and innovate digitally in order to present a new paradigm for Jakarta residents and its customers.

"Hopefully this award can encourage them to serve customers wholeheartedly, support public services thus they can be loved more. Thank you to Bank DKI employees for their smiles, greetings, that provide comfort and satisfaction to the customers," he conveyed.

This achievement can't be separated from digital transformation carried out by Bank DKI. For information, Bank DKI continues to develop various new features in JakOne mobile app to facilitate its users to open account and deposit via online.

Other new features from JakOne Mobile is Mobile Cash that can be used to make cash withdrawals without card in Bank DKI ATM. JakOne Mobile can be used either by customers who have Bank DKI saving accounts or prospective customers who haven't opened Bank DKI saving accounts.

Moreover, Bank DKI also issued prepaid card-based e-money products such as JakCard and JakLingko. Those cards have been widely used as e-ticketing for various modes of public transports such as Transjakarta, Mikro Trans, JakLingko Public Minivan, MRT Jakarta, LRT, and Railink.

In the near future, JakCard and JakLingko will be able for toll payment in accessing toll roads in the city.

For this innovation, Bank DKI won the Indonesia’s Most Popular Digital Financial Brands Award for e-money category which held by Iconomics virtually on Friday, June 26, 2020. This award was given to the application-based e-money product, JakOne Mobile.