Nakertrans Head Leads Health Protocols Monitoring in Work Places

Reporter : Aldi Geri Lumban Tobing | Editor : Maria Inggita | June 30th, 2020 06:08 PM 18:08 WIB | Dibaca 171 kali
Nakertrans Head Leads Health Protocols Monitoring in Work Places (Foto : Aldi Geri Lumban Tobing /

Jakarta Manpower, Transmigration (Nakertrans) and Energy Agency Head, Andri Yansyah led the health protocols monitoring at work places in order to prevent COVID-19 transmission.

" Thus we can work together to fight COVID-19"

This monitoring was carried out in 21 offices or work places in Central Jakarta by involving 50 personnel included local Satpol PP personnel.

His side will impose sanctions in form of warning, closing, or even sealing the work places if company doesn't comply with health protocols. In this monitoring, his personnel have been equipped with checklist which has also been informed to all companies in Jakarta in assessing company's compliance with health protocols.

"For the first violation, we will give warning. If they still violate the regulation after getting warned, then we will close their work place temporarily until the company carries out COVID-19 prevention protocols," he explained, Tuesday (6/30).

According to him, violation is categorized fatal if his side found company that didn't implement health protocols such as providing hand washing facilities and hand sanitizers. Because COVID-19 prevention protocols have been implemented since March 2020 or the first time Large-scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) was applied until this transition period.

"If we found company that didn't comply it, we categorize it as a fatal violation, that means we will close the work place until it meets the health protocols," he asserted.

His side instructed his personnel to carry out this monitoring with a humanist approach, ethical, maintaining good behavior, but firm.

"Don't be arrogant, convey the intentions and objectives, explain, and supervise it. If they have done correct things, give appreciation. If it is not right, then socialize and educate them," he conveyed.

Health protocols implementation to prevent COVID-19 transmission becomes a task for both Jakarta Government and business actors in order to end the pandemic as soon as possible.

"Socialization is given for those who work in offices, work places or warehouses thus we can work together to fight COVID-19," he closed.