City to Open PPDB Online Registration on July 1

Reporter : Rezki Apriliya Iskandar | Editor : Nugroho Adibrata | June 30th, 2020 11:58 AM 11:58 WIB | Dibaca 191 kali
City to Open PPDB Online Registration on July 1 (Foto : Istimewa /

The official public school enrollment website, PPDB Online via academic achievement pathway for SMP, SMA and SMK will open on July 1-3. Moreover the Jakarta Education Agency has prepared requirements for enrollees.

" It aims to accommodate and appreciate for those who excel academicall"

Yet for those who have not passed the previous selection 'zoning pathway' still have chance to take part in the selection in this academic achievement pathway.

"It aims to accommodate and appreciate for those who excel academically," expressed Jakarta Education Agency Head, Nahdiana, at Jakarta City Hall, Monday (6/29), as quoted by Jakarta PPID's release.

Her agency prepared a quota of 25% at SMP and SMA levels, consisting of 20% for prospective new students from Jakarta and 5% for outside Jakarta. As for the SMK, there was 55% quota, consisting 50% for Jakarta and 5% for outside Jakarta," she explained.

In addition, the main selection used takes into account the average academic scores over the past 5 semesters and the originating school's accreditation scores. It was done by sorting from the highest value to the lower value according to the amount of available quota.

"Report card value used for SD to SMP includes subjects in Indonesian, Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Citizenship Education. As for the SMP to SMA/SMK, including Indonesian, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences and English," she expressed.

She asserted that the selection process and school choice were not bound by zoning. The enrollees could choose three schools in accordance with the priority order of choice.

"They can register and choose schools throughout the Jakarta area. If they fail, they can still register and re-elect other school, which falls on July 3, at 3 PM," she explained.

It was in accordance with the Education Agency Head's decree number 501/2020 on 2020 PPDB Technical Guidelines. It had gone through coordination with the Ministry of Education and Culture and was in accordance with existing ministerial regulations.

Besides in academic achievement pathway, the Jakarta PPDB had completed four stages of the PPDB selection process, namely Inclusion, Affirmation, Non-academic Achievement and Zoning pathways. For further information might be accessed at, Instagram @officialppdbdki, Facebook @ppdbdki and Twitter @ppdbdki1.