City Deploys 2,000 ASN to Enforce Transitional PSBB Regulations

Reporter : Rezki Apriliya Iskandar | Editor : Maria Inggita | June 24th, 2020 02:52 PM 14:52 WIB | Dibaca 165 kali
City Deploys 2,000 ASN to Enforce Transitional PSBB Regulations (Foto : /

Jakarta Government deployed 2,000 civil apparatuses (ASN)s to monitor people's activities and enforce the regulation during transitional Large-scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) to lead a healthy, safe, and productive society. Ceremony for embedding badge on transitional PSBB officers and supervisors was held at Jakarta City Hall's yard, Tuesday (6/23).

" I believe all of you can be the front guard to remind people that health protocols should be carried out"

"I want to convey my gratitude and appreciation to all civil apparatuses who have been willing to be active in maintaining the mandate of Jakarta Secretary Instruction No. 51/2020 regarding Enforcement and Monitoring People's Activity during PSBB period," stated Anies who led the ceremony as quoted by Jakarta PPID Press Release.

According to him, 2,000 personnel are not enough to monitor activities of 11 million Jakarta residents. But, this task will largely determine the safety of whole community in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic.

"2,000 personnel are certainly not commensurate with 11 million people of Jakarta that should be monitored. But, I believe all of you can be the front guard to remind people that health protocols should be carried out not solely to enforce the regulation, but to protect the others," he asserted.

He assessed, the purpose of deploying ASN to be officers who will monitor and enforce the regulations is to develop a new habit. Because the main purpose of this transition period is learning new habits where people are required to be discipline in wearing mask, keeping physical distance, avoiding crowds, and washing hands regularly.  

"It seems simple, but if we reflect on ourselves, may be we only do it occasionally. Thus it needs habituation. Government's task is to issue regulations, enforce it and encourage people to obey it for the safety of all," he added.

His side also mandated officers to visit areas prone to crowd, such as offices, restaurants, shops, hotels, stations, airports, ports, entertainment and tourism venues, and health service centers.

"I want all of you to go to places where the effect of your arrival will give a big impact. Where? In the places with high-intensity of people's activities. Visit it, do your job, thus not only the offenders who will get deterrent effect, but others who witness it can learn and be more aware in the future," he explained.

His side also advised the officers on the field to be patient in enforcing the regulations. Thus the offenders aware of their mistake and the consequences of the violation they have committed.

"I expected all of you can maintain the good name of Jakarta Government. Show a firm and civilized attitude, a friendly yet respectful way in communicating with people, but still uphold the rules and always be patient. Because it is easy to warn people, but not every violators want to be warned. Do this task with patient," he closed.