In Jakarta's Anniversary Ceremony, Anies Affirms Jakarta's Toughness in Facing the Challenges

Reporter : Rezki Apriliya Iskandar | Editor : Maria Inggita | June 22nd, 2020 02:27 PM 14:27 WIB | Dibaca 155 kali
In Jakarta's Anniversary Ceremony, Anies Affirms Jakarta's Toughness in Facing the Challenges (Foto : Dadang Kusuma Wira Putra /

In this COVID-19 pandemic, Jakarta's 493rd Anniversary is celebrated in a different way. Starting from ceremony of Jakarta's 493rd Anniversary, which held at Jakarta City Hall, Block G Building's yard, on this Monday (6/22) morning, by limiting number of participants and implementing health protocols.

"Happy birthday to our capital city "

Jakarta Governor, Anies Baswedan who acted as the ceremonial inspector, reminding about Jakarta's toughness in facing various disasters, challenges, and COVID-19 pandemic.

"COVID-19 pandemic is not the first that happened in Jakarta. A century ago, in 1988, Spanish Flu pandemic also affected Jakarta. At that time, we can pass it. This city has gone through various challenges, disasters and hardships. Natural disaster, crises in health, economic, and social have been experienced, but Jakarta can handle it," he stated, as quoted from Jakarta PPID Press Release, Monday (6/22).

Moreover, his side emphasized that Jakarta is tough where it always rises from the fall. Despite the economic upheaval, Jakarta is always prepared to rise again.

"Urban development may be delayed, but efforts to save citizens must be doubled. Physical encounters may be reduced, but our solidarity is growing. Economy may experience a contraction, but our determination is clear that Jakarta will get back on its feet," he asserted.

In this chance, his side also appreciated all parties who have been involved in handling COVID-19. Such as Jakarta residents who have complied with government's advices during Large-scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) period, health workers, personnel on duty, teachers, clerics, and others.

"You are the hero in this battle. Let us keep it up until the end, Insya Allah (God willing) we can win and we won't return to the previous state, but become a better Jakarta," he stated.

According to him, Jakarta becomes better in all aspects, such as citizens lifestyle that becomes healthier, eco-friendly, and makes a full use of technology in people's daily life during PSBB period.

"Moreover, Jakarta residents care about each other, look after each other. A tough Jakarta, which we all are proud of. Happy birthday to our capital city. Long live for Jakarta. May Allah SWT bless Jakarta and protect us all," he closed.